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Why Choose Us?

NFINITY Web Solutions is continually pushing the limits of web design. Our innovative approach to provide an end to end solution for the customer results in a web company that exceeds expectations. We are the web experts that can produce the results your business needs. Our expert team of professionals are some of the best in the business. Stop wasting your time with other web companies that will fall short of your expectations.

Website Design Process

  • Discovery

  • Design

  • Development

  • Delivery

  • Support

1. Discovery
In the Discovery phase, our team works very closely with you to determine your vision and ideas for the website. We want to know what your passionate about so we can project that into the website. This is when you tell us everything you want your website to have and how you want it to function. We even help conduct competitor analysis for you so we can analyze what type of websites your competitors have. Our main goal is to create a website for you that will blow your competition away. Bottom line is your website will be state-of-the-art. 
2. Design
Now hold on tight and get ready to let your creativeness flow. Our team will be in close contact with you while we design some mock-up examples for you. We develop these in a few different types of graphic design applications. We collect your feedback about the different designs, what you like, what you don’t like, etc. You will have three revisions included in the monthly price. After that each revision will be $99 one time fee. Most of the time our customers only need three revisions. 
3. Development
In the development phase we bring the design to life. Our web designers get busy on programming and coding your website. They will also set up the content management system (CMS) so you can have access to change and update content. It is very easy to do and our team will teach you. If you want to make changes along the way don’t worry, we are here for you. In fact there will always be some sort of changes as the project progresses. That’s just how websites are created. Your website will be amazing and we make sure you are 100% satisfied!
4. Delivery
Time for the world to see your website! In this phase we place your website on the web so anyone can find it. We can still make changes once the website is launched. In fact we usually do. There will always be little or big tweaks that need to be made to the website. Now you can start your SEO campaign and drive traffic to your website. We highly recommend the SEO campaign. Again no one can beat our prices for SEO for what we offer. Please click the button below to learn more.

5. Support
This is the best phase because there is no end. This phase continues forever as long as you employ us. The great thing about NFINITY Web is that once the website is launched we’re your full service web team. Why pay a web designer an expensive salary when we can do it for a small monthly fee. We are not like other web design companies that build a website and then disappear or worse charge you more money for maintenance. We’re in it for the long haul and that’s what makes NFINITY Web so great!

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Too good to be true? Think again. We do what no other web design company can do! That is develop a website for you that you will love! Finally be proud to show customers your website!